Richard Lance Keeble, John Tulloch (Hrsg.): Global Literary Journalism

Rezensiert von Nora Berning

Global Literary Journalism is the ambitious effort of twenty-three accomplished scholars to explore the phenomenon of literary journalism – a field occupied by fact, fiction and reportage – worldwide. The volume makes for an interesting read, especially when it is received alongside John S. Bak and Bill Reynold’s Literary Journalism Across the Globe. While the first section on the theory of international literary journalism of Bak and Reynold’s collection of essays could be seen as providing the theoretical basis of the case studies in Keeble and Tulloch’s volume, the second section about journalistic traditions complements the mostly synchronic studies in Global Literary Journalism and compensates, furthermore, for some of its blind spots (e.g. literary journalism in China, Eastern Europe and Africa). Mehr

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